Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

I had a strong feeling you would call on Friday, a very strong feeling. Just a co-incidence I know but when the 'phone rang I knew it was you. Did you realise I had you on hands free speakerphone? Afterwards, the all-over tingle remained until deep sleep took over. Hearing your voice really establishes the connection again. Makes you feel so much closer.

I've had a busy week at work but also had a couple of options for breaks come my way too. A friend is spending 3 weeks in Toulouse in July and has said I could join her for a few days. Other friends are considering a weekend away at the beginning of June. I'm thinking girly weekend at a boutique hotel in Brighton with sea air, sunshine and shopping in the Lanes.

Have next week planned. No work Monday so job applications is the priority and then off work again on Friday so follow up calls then.

Chloe xxx

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