Monday, 2 April 2007


After we'd taken a walk, showered, it would be time to dress and go out for a meal.......

A small, intimate restaurant. We're led to a quiet corner. I'm wearing a very short dress that rises up my thighs as I sit down. You notice and smile. We settle in our seats and the waiter hands us the menus. You choose a red wine which is brought swiftly to the table. You lean across and whisper in my ear, "I can still taste you." The waiter takes our orders and returns to the kitchen area through in the second room of the restaurant. You slide your hands under the table and further to the hem of my skirt. Your fingers play with the fabric awhile.
"This is a wonderful place," I say softly. "I love the lighting."
Your fingers reach under the hem, towards the top of my legs. Teasing, torturing, taking me to the edge again.
"The colours are perfect, just perfect," I continue.
Your hands reach further, you raise your eyebrows when you realise I'm not wearing underwear. Initially you stroke my sex and I murmer through lightly glossed lips.
"What do you think of the wine? You can taste the fruit," I just about manage to say clearly.
You push into my sopping wet pussy, rubbing my swollen clit on the way. Looking straight into my eyes you touch me harder, faster. Faster, harder. Fuck!
"Is it a ca ... cab ... cabernet?" I force out as familar feelings build up from deep inside. I pick up a napkin from the table and use it cover my mouth as I try, and fail, to disguise the moans as I come, steadying myself in the chair.
Immediately it's not enough ... I need more. I need to feel you inside me. I want to feel your hard cock, deep inside. I'm desperate for your hands all over me.
"Let's go! Now! They'll keep the table a while," I say quickly.
You understand and, after a short word with the waiter we leave .....

Chloe xxx

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